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Westside Joe's Bikes - Bike Repair
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Bicycle Repair

Westside Joe's Bikes - Bike Maintenance
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Bicycle Maintenance

Bike helmet

Bicycles & Equipment


At Westside Joe's Bike Shop, bikes are our passion. We happily serve bicyclists of all styles. We are here to help you with your commuting, transportation, touring, bike packing, off-road recreation, gravel/road/leisure/fun/picnic/wedding, whatever you can think of bicycles and accessories to make your cycling experience the best it can be!


Whether you need a repair, want some riding accessories, need to purchase a new bike or just rent one, or need help building a bike – we're here to help! Visit us anytime.

Stay up-to-date with our ever-changing inventory, sales, specials, events, rides, and much more by following us on Instagram!


Brands We Carry

If you are curious about the brands we partner with and what they have to offer, click the links below.  As we are a new shop, we are starting with a small assortment that covers the basics, but we mixed in a little glitter, glam, punk, and rock & roll!


Our goal is to have on hand what our community wants, not what we think you should buy.  So, as time goes on, our inventory will change to reflect our community’s needs.  Your purchases will lead us to better serve you.  


If you have a favorite product or brand, let us know!  We LOVE neat new stuff!  Especially small businesses and individuals working to make a living doing what they love to do, because that’s our goal here at Westside Joe’s!

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