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Westside Joe's Bike Shop is a full-service bike shop. And by full-service we mean we can repair anything from e-bikes to balance bikes, your beloved carbon dream, or your “always locked outside” commuter.  We build wheels, service internal hubs, and love to build custom bikes from the frame up – seriously. We are always stoked to work on restorations and anything vintage because we simply love doing it. So how do you get your bike serviced here? 

We make it so easy.  


Bring your bike in for a FREE Evaluation and written quote.

Then you have two options:

  • Leave it with us until it is repaired, no problem.  We will store it safely and securely until it is repaired.

  • Keep it and wait.  We will happily book an appointment for you so you can keep riding it (as long as your bike is safe) until the day it is scheduled to be dropped off for repair.

We are first come, first served, so there will be times when our repair queue won’t be “while you wait” – but our goal is no more than a couple of days (unless parts need to be ordered – and then we’ll have to rely on shipping times).  


But rest assured, we will get your bicycle repaired and back to you as fast as humanly possible.  As far as how busy we will be, well, if we could predict this, we would be buying lottery tickets instead of working in a bicycle shop.


Sometimes we might ask that you book an appointment and take your bike with you if space is limited, or if we are ordering parts that will take a while to arrive.


If you are wondering what our pricing is, feel free to drop by to see our full complement of service pricing.  You can also email us or give us a call, and we will be happy to talk to you about whatever you want to know.  


Just remember, there is no way we can evaluate your bicycle without seeing it, so why not bring it in for a Free Evaluation?


We may be able to provide these individual services the same day you come in, it just depends on when you get here and how busy we are:

  • Tubed Tire Flat repair or tire replacement

  • Adjusting a mechanical derailleur or brake

  • Headset adjustment

  • Minor wheel true


For all other services, the time it takes for us to turn your bike around will depend solely on the number of clients ahead of you, the repairs necessary to fix your bicycle, and if any parts need to be ordered.


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